Labour Contract

Labour Contract

We work hard to meet the demands of the labour contract industry, by putting consistent efforts in the acquisition and management of temporary and contractual labour. For offering the best services from time to time, Leader star security ensures that the contractual labour comprises dedicated workers and staff. To suit the specific requirements of clients and sustain in the ever-changing environment, we also provide training and assistance to the labourers.

We at Leader star security ensure reliable and timely labour services, at highly affordable rates.

Manpower, experience, expertise.

Leader Star Security has the manpower, the infrastructure and the reach to deploy integrated security solutions when and where it matters the most, in compliance with laws, environmental and community guidelines.

Services includes:

  • Consultants and investigators.
  • Risk assessment professionals.
  • Loss prevention.
  • Labour disputes and crisis management.
  • Intellectual property protection.
  • Highly-trained security guards.
  • Fully equipped mobile patrols.
  • Innovative technologies to streamline operation.

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