Leader Star Security provides complete 45days training programme with boarding/lodging/ mess facilities to the candidates.

Programs includes

Basic type of security duties and their responsibilities. Basic knowledge of firefighting, crowd control its causes and prevention Description and detailed study about First Aid.

The Training for Firefighting with perfection and demonstration are key points about our training syllabus. Also the basics about First aid shall help the mankind to save many lives by the efforts of our trained security guards of our academy. The academy shall ensure perfect discipline, code and conduct of its students and shall make sure that the trained guards shall discharge their best abilities and efforts at their respective posts and duties.

We are having training programme for security agency are below:

  • Guard premises.
  • Monitor premises.
  • Operate CCTV and surveillance.
  • Equipment.
  • Prevent theft.
  • Preserve order and protect property.
  • Escort visitors or individuals around a site.
  • Assist in the secure transportation of money.
  • Escort unauthorized individuals of premises.
  • Physical Training.
  • Unarmed Training.
  • Foot drill.

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