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Our best Airport security services ensure that your travel is safe and protected with the peace of mind you deserve!

Airport security services: pre-board screening

Leader Star Security provides comprehensive pre-board screening services, including:

  • Passenger screening by certified agents and frontline managers
  • Non-passenger screening: flight and cabin crews, airline customer service personnel, maintenance personnel, baggage handlers and other airport staff
  • Inspection of vehicles entering secure areas of the airport; drivers, passengers and their personal belongings are screened using a walk-through metal detector or a portable metal detector
  • Verification of the contents, dimensions, shapes and seals of air cargo before it’s loaded onto a cargo or passenger aircraft. Our methods include physical inspections, detection dogs, explosive trace detection and X-ray inspection.

Airport security: securing vulnerable areas

When it comes to airport security, it’s essential to identify access points and to develop a comprehensive security program. Public access can become a bottleneck, while restricted areas requires special security protocols to ensure that only authorized personnel can access them. LSSL has the expertise and resources to cover all your access control needs:

  • Access control and ID card validation for restricted areas
  • Bag and checked baggage screening
  • Thorough search of cabins and luggage
  • Patrolling the facilities, including airport infrastructure, 24/7
  • Airport and aircraft security, including escorts for operations, cabin inspection, baggage area security, identity verification, special security for flights to high-risk destinations, protection of restricted areas, access control to facilities and cargo escort
  • Responding to security breaches, bomb threats and all other emergencies, including medical emergencies

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