Vaishali Nagar
Jaipur, India

Life is truly unpredictable and you can never take it for guaranteed. People opting for the security guard as a career option come from different backgrounds and have gone through tough phases in their lives. They are aware of the criticalities and vulnerabilities of this highly volatile security domain.

Therefore, to take care of the unknown, security guard agencies possessing highly qualified and experienced bodyguards come forward to help the cause. The task of keeping others safe is extremely difficult. You, as a security guard service provider, need to look after your skilled personnel before they step on their first job as a personal security guard. By ‘looking after’ we mean, you need to inculcate healthy work ethics in them, make them believe in their abilities, and ready for forthcoming challenges.

Considering the level of stress, they go through and the inevitable risk they consistently experience, we have listed down several ways to levitate their confidence and make them ready for taking up new challenges on site.

Know your personnel

It is important to know your officers to bring out the best in them. Each officer hails from different backgrounds and has experienced different episodes of life. Some can be a novice to the security industry while others may come from military or police backgrounds. This means on-job training for both will be different with unique test cases and scenarios.

Tailored training modules

Once you evaluate the backgrounds of the officers, it’s time to train them accordingly. Beginners can feel uncomfortable about their new job roles, which can agitate them very quickly.

Training isn’t a one-time shot, rather it requires continuous efforts and monitoring from experienced supervisors who also transfer useful life lessons to the trainees for better adaptability and risk analysis. Training officers individually will not only make them more competent and confident but will help them attain the level of standards as expected.

Instil the desire to learn and be self-motivated

Security guards need to be on their toes and conscious of surroundings all the time. However, the long work shifts with considerable downtime can stimulate boredom. It is the sole responsibility of a security guard agency to instil a sense of learning and reading in them.

Self-motivated spirit in accordance with learning urge can certainly shoot up their performance. Additionally, they’ll feel fresh, spirited, and ready-to-go throughout the day. Encourage them to take a personality development course or soft skill classes. Doing so, will raise their confidence level and help in becoming a proficient commander at work. Perseverance is required in cases like these, so be patient as results will be overwhelming.

Go through on-site instructions sheet carefully

Corporates/Businessmen/Companies hire bodyguards or security guards for varied purposes. Therefore, the instructions to follow for security officers vary depending upon the needs of the hiring group. Getting the requirements clear at the start is important for both, you, as a security agency as well as the security officer.

The instructions sheet helps the officer to comprehend the needs of the company, access it for the near future, and make up his mind for the job before he acclimates to new responsibilities.

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