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Telecom Security

Leader star security is a leading service provider of telecom security guards. Owing to the security needs of India, we select and train security guards according to the industry requirements.

Retail Security Guards

Shoplifting and employee theft are a serious issue for retail shop owners. Thieves and unscrupulous employees can eat away at the profit margins of a retail business and eventually cause higher prices to make up for the losses.

Residential Security

Home burglaries account for a great percentage of all robberies. Thieves usually commit their crimes during the daytime when no one is at home.

Commercial Security

We, at LEADER STAR SECURITY, are constantly adapting to the needs of changing markets. A key factor in our success has been our ability to sense the changing requirements.

Office Building Security

Commercial buildings are a target for crime. We, at LEADER STAR SECURITY, are constantly adapting to the needs of changing markets.

Warehouse Security Service

By their nature, warehouses are built with wide-open spaces to house merchandise, equipment, materials, furniture, food, etc.

Bank Security

Wherever money is transacted in a visible context, it becomes a temptation for thieves and criminals. LEADER STAR SECURITY is committed to providing the safest environment.

Mall Security

Shopping centers are more prone to mugging, carjacking, and other criminal activities. So, it is important that we prevent criminals from pursuing their violent deeds.

School Security

In the current scenario, schools are at a higher risk of violence. School shootings, violence related to drugs, and bullying are increasing day by day.

Hospital Security

A hospital environment consists of many elements. Physicians, patients, staff, visitors, are all targets of prying criminals.

Apartment Security

The safety of apartment dwellers is of concern to building owners and property managers. Invaders and burglars can find their way easily around unprotected buildings.

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