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Vaishali Nagar
Jaipur, India

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he capability for maintaining higher security protocols mandates new standards of performance from uniformed and plainclothes security officers to meet higher risk and threat levels.

Our personnel have to meet strict professional requirements and undergo comprehensive training before their assignments. Additional on-the-job training programs are designed and implemented to bring enhanced 

performance and the ability to provide quality security services to our clients through highly skilled, trained, and experienced personnel.

Leader star security Officers are currently fulfilling this vital role and mission for a growing list of leading corporations and businesses through appropriate programs with highly skilled, trained, and experienced personnel. We are ready to be deployed as the primary security team and also available to supplement existing corporate security as needed.

Guard Dogs
We specialize in supplying highly trained dog teams for any site or location.

Both fully trained by Experts, each with their own fully equipped specialist guard dog transportation vehicles are available for those assignments that require the additional security and deterrent of a fully trained guard dog and handler.

Search Dogs /Drug Detection & Bomb Detection.
We provide specialized explosive and firearm/drug detection search dogs handled by highly trained ex-military personnel.

Emergency Response

At Leader star security Services, we recognize that our client’s often having the need for emergency security cover with little given notice.

To be able to respond to this ever-increasing eventuality, Leader star security Services have a dedicated response team, enabling us to respond to short term and emergency requirements.

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