About Us

Leader Star Security Limited:-It is a reputable security firm managed by Mr. Rajesh Shekhawat with a reputation of 23 years in the industry. It is committed to providing exceptional services by delivering personalized, high — quality and cost-efficient solutions to meet the need of our clients. We strive lo exceed the requests of our clients by going above and beyond what is asked to ensure that every detail is to your requirements. Our Company was incorporated in 2000 and has through the years, built a reputation as a reliable Security Solutions Provider for the corporate and retail securely markets. We believe in the commitment to strive for excellence in Security Services Management. Our philosophy is to provide well trained and experienced Security Officers and Supervisors and to attain recognition through excellence in performance. The performance of our security officers are supervised and assessed by our Operations Management Team and Command Headquarters on a daily basis. Our security guards and security officers are regularly trained and updated on the latest developments in the security industry which enables us to ensure that the security solutions provided by us are current and relevant in the ever changing environment. We are always willing to survey your premises and advise you on your securely requirements, obligation free.