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Leader Star offers the services of night patrolling in Jaipur and over all Rajasthan. Night patrolling involves frequent physical checks at your premises, companies, physical assets or establishments even after closing hours. This is done in order to ensure that the establishment is safe and secure at all times.

Many business corporations have valuable physical assets that they are scared to leave unattended at any time, this is where night patrolling comes into play. Even when the organisation has closed, professional security guards and night patrolling officers  the premises making sure no one enters and that it is protected at all times. Our night patrolling officers also make use of the latest technologies (tag systems) that are especially programmed for residential or commercial areas.

Finding night patrolling services in Jaipur can be quite difficult, that’s why Leader Star Security Ltd took the initiative to launch it’s services in Jaipur and over all Rajasthan. Security officers have check points to ensure that everything is in correct order according to the guidelines given to them. Not only this, our night patrolling officers have a variety of other duties as well like assessing if there is any risk of short circuits or fire, checking whether the locks of any door has been tampered with, looking out for suspicious activities, analysing the guards during their shifts at night and their work performance.

They perform thorough checks and inform the upper management frequently about any updates. All this is done to ensure the safety of our clients as well as their valuable assets. At Leader Star Security, client satisfaction is regarded as the utmost priority.

Our night patrolling officers are hard-working, dedicated individuals committed to keeping you safe and free from worries at all times. Leader Star Security provides the best night patrolling services based in Jaipur and over all Rajasthan.